One of the key features of PSEngine property software is the ability to search the UK’s council planning portals from a single interface for a wide range of property types. With PSEngine, you have access to more than 230+ (and counting...) council planning portals across the UK. That allows you to conduct a single search across multiple regions at the same time from one single interface. This functionality is unique to PSEngine and can greatly empower your property deal search.

It presents an opportunity to:

  • Search for ongoing or declined land development opportunities.
    • You can step in to add value to the process or offer purchase or assistance before coming to the open market.
  • Search for 'Change of use' applications. Storage units into stand-alone apartments? make your approach DURING the planning process.
    • You could search for applications where you feel with subtle changes, planning would be granted.
    • Check for applications purporting to HMO use case, offering your Rent to Rent (R2R) services.
  • Working in construction? market and build your lead pipeline by searching for extension and other building-related applications.
  • Send SMS/Email to the planning agents, instantly OR send Direct Mail propositions to the property or agent addresses.

To use, click on the Planning tab. Here you can select single or multiple planning portals to search. 

This is the current list of portals supported is in the attached document at the bottom of this article.

When selecting a single, you must select one of the portals from the available councils on the left. In doing so, the filters on the right will dynamically populate with the available set of filters. This will change per portal because unfortunately, there is no common set in the entire UK that all councils follow. I know, right!?

Enter your filter set; in this case, searching for 'change of use' applications that have been refused in the last few months.

When searching multiple portals at the same time, your filter set is limited to status and keywords. You can select up to 5 portals at once, which will be displayed in the checked field. You can read the help text on the software interface for more specific information on searches.

Once you've clicked the Search icon, you will see the status as the results are dynamically pulled in with live data.

On the Results tab, you can see all of the key data relating to the application in one easy to view table. Across the top, you can see the column titles that specify what each column contains.

You can add any relevant applications to your favourites section by clicking the heart icon.

You can select which applications you wish to perform actions on by selecting the corresponding checkbox. 

The actions that can be performed are:

  1. View application location on the map. (If co-ordinates are available) N.B. Max 100 at a time
  2. Download the documents for the application, zipped, for convenience.
  3. Send an SMS to the mobile phone number of the agent. (If a mobile phone number is provided in the Agent Phone column.)
  4. Send Direct Mail to the application address (if provided in the Address column) using the standard Send Mail Screen
  5. Send Direct Mail to the agent address (if provided in the Agent Address column) using the standard Send Mail Screen
  6. Send Email to the agent (if provided in the Agent Email column)
  7. Download selected application data to a spreadsheet. N.B. Max 100 at a time

You can order the columns alphabetically or numerically by left-clicking on the column title.

You can further filter the column data by clicking on the spyglass icon. This will allow you to filter by a specific keyword on that column only.